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1987 [CN]

Action / Drama / Fantasy / Music / Mystery / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by crossbow010610 / 10

A Great Ghost Story

A deserved multiple award winner, this is really a great film. Starring Leslie Cheung as Chen and the late, wonderful Anita Mui as Fleur, this movie is about forbidden love (Fleur was a prostitute). They have a suicide pact, but only Fleur carries it out. Over fifty years later she is back trying to find him with the help of two local news reporters (they are not covering the story, she seeks their help). At first they're scared of her since she is a ghost, but then agree to let her stay with them and help her. What makes this a major cut above many films of its ilk is Anita Mui. She is absolutely beguiling in this role, looking just beautiful. Her expressions throughout the film are varied and perfect. It is an absorbing film, sentimental but never maudlin. This film makes me miss Anita Mui more, as we lost her way too young to cancer. This is one of her best roles and the reason I'm giving it 10 stars is due to its consistency of mood, the aforementioned performance of Anita Mui and the great direction of Stanley Kwan. Don't miss it.

Reviewed by madbird-6124310 / 10

A piece of terrific art by Anita and Leslie

Anita and Leslie are pefect match of their roles in the movie. No doubt they can act so vividly the role in the movie. They both possess the aura of the beginning of twentieth century. The two superstars collaberated to create a melodrama that hits your heart so painfully, particularly when both are not with us now. There are so many flowers in front of the Mandarin Hotel from fans all over the world in April first. They are both living in the bottom of our hearts.

Lets hope that both enjoy singing together in another world.

Reviewed by vodkatini8 / 10


He promised to go with her, but she found no him. Fifty years had passed. She still kept searching. Perhaps no way did her world go complete without him. But did he keep his promise ??? That's the story.

Hongkong film industry reached the peak in late 80s, and this movie is one of the best produced that time. In it we can find very good actors and director, very beautiful cinematography, and a thoughtful story of course.

Silent and slow but not boring. A must see.

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