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Devil's Domain


Action / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by leahdragon2 / 10

Michael madsen, what the duck, bro???

Bad Michael madsen!!! Bad good actor, playing in this dippy tripe! Although his performance is good, playing the gruff but likeable stepdad (who surprisingly isnt a lech or a-hole as expected in this kind of film) he really has no business slumming in this travesty!

Average forgettable horror heavy on lesbian sex scenes, although no nudity. Acting is barely passable. Plot is nothing new. Makeup and special effects are average.

But seriously, folks, does satan show this kind of personal attention to everyone he seduces? How would he even have time? Also, would satan really have an accent and bewbies???

My head hurts >:(

Reviewed by namitamhatre4111 / 10

I think this movie is worse than Sharknado!

I love to watch horror movies and only started watching this because some website mentioned the IMDb rating for this as 7.4 instead of 3.3. I knew the movie sucks after watching it for like 15 minutes but I have this thing where I can't leave a movie half- watched. Just want 90 minutes of my life back! My suggestion - save your 90 minutes!

Reviewed by subxerogravity4 / 10

Too much tossed together to be interesting.

Loved the concept of he devil, and loved the girl playing the devil (Everything I always expected).

It's a relatable story about teen outcast who makes a deal with the Devil to make her pain go away in the most horrifying way.

Rap group, Onyx seems out of place in the movie. Not that the kids today would not love Onyx but you'd think they would select a younger group of rappers from the kids era to go to a concert to go see.

The music all together in this movie seems like a huge distraction. It does nothing to help the story and it's not blended in the background so you notice it and it does not make the film go smoothly.

Felt like a homage to Troma films then it took itself too seriously to be that.

The deaths started out campy but the the movie ended with a serious undertone of evil.

Too all over the place made it kinda dull instead of interesting.

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