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Extraordinary: The Revelations



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by todd-139691 / 10

A hole -- and not a rabbit one.

How to describe this? Terms like "Ancient Aliens re-run," "hubris," and "Dunning-Kruger effect" come to mind, but "pickpocket" could just as easily be the top choice. If you make it past the teen ding-a-ling denigrating science as "one dimensional" and "looking at the past" -- versus artists (like her, of course) who look to the "future" -- your intestinal fortitude exceeds mine. Despite enjoying thoughtful debate on this subject, the absence of substantial data and paltry credentials here render the film a hole -- and not a rabbit one.

Reviewed by jordan2008-110 / 10

An historic achievement, raises the bar for films in this genre - BRAVO!

This is a tough subject, but potentially the most significant one of our times. The producers of this film are heroes, same with the courageous experiencers sharing their stories. For the viewers who may watch this and be inclined to dismiss the thesis presented here; please look a little deeper first. There is a substantial body of cogent research to examine (see books by Dr. John Mack, David Jacobs, Bud Hopkins, and others.) And like it is with the UFO/ET visitation subject in general, the idea of "what if just ONE of these stories is real?" holds true.

Skeptics who dismissively cite the Occam's Razor principle aren't being intellectually rigorous IMO. Certainly there are also charlatans, hoaxers, and outright liars making claims, and it's shameful. But with quality documentary films like this, including James Fox's "The Phenomenon", hopefully more of humanity's resources can be catalyzed and directed toward understanding and dealing with the ramifications posited by the many, many responsible and honest people making these "extraordinary revelations."

Reviewed by chrisbard-631553 / 10

Much better free docs on youtube. The weakness of this doc is that it is not bringing anything new, seems to be outdated.

While its well put together the same people I seen before have nothing new to say. Same ol same ol. Much better free stuff on youtube! What is not ok is that it is advertised as a great documentary but you have access on youtube for example to free docs suvh as the ones from 7news Australia which bring Louis Elizondo and he is sharing new mind blowing ideas and stuff when compared to this doc for which I payed to see and got disappointed.

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