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F9: The Fast Saga


Action / Adventure / Crime / Thriller

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Charlize Theron Photo
Charlize Theron as Cipher
Jason Statham Photo
Jason Statham as Deckard Shaw
Vin Diesel Photo
Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ian-8641 / 10

My wife said...

That this movie is marginally more interesting than me.

The divorce is final next month.

Reviewed by MLDinTN2 / 10

this franchise just gets dumber and dumber

For an adventure movie to be good, it still needs to be somewhat plausible. This movie is so out there and unrealistic it just makes the whole thing dumb. Some examples, driving a jeep across a falling bridge but still makes it to the other side (forget gravity),flying a car into space and destroying a satellite by ramming it with the car, using magnets to take over a truck. Movie also introduces John Cena as Dom's younger brother whom just happens to work for the guy that wants to take over the world. Of course there is history with Dom blaming Jakob for their dad's death. And they have a big fight on top a big rig, just silly.

FINAL VERDICT: Not worth your time.

Reviewed by DeBBss2 / 10

I miss the old F&F

I've heard so many jokes about the physics in F9 thinking they were just overexaggerating, but no, it's really that bad. F&F is known for going crazier and crazier with each entry, but I think it's gone too far for its own good. Not one action scene entertained me; none of the scenes were creative, they were just dumb. Some may find enjoyment from how ridiculous it is, but I was just left unimpressed.

And the story was exactly the same as the last few F&F movies. They're so similar that you can literally predict what happens if you've recently watched F8 or F7. F&F has gone so far from it's roots that I've given up on the franchise. At least give one spin-off for the car guys and OG fans, maybe something similar to the first three F&Fs, it'll hurt nobody, Universal.

This movie is just really bad. Tons of plot holes, ridiculous action scenes, and a story that disgraces what F&F used to be. As a huge and longtime fan of the franchise, I have now lost faith. This film is a disgrace, and I refuse to believe that John Cena is Dominic Toretto's brother.

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