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Family Man in America


Drama / Family / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sapnathakur-1767010 / 10

Feel good and Inspiring story!!!

"Family man in America" is a beautiful and heartwarming film that truly captures the essence of family, love, and self-confidence. From start to finish, the story is engaging, well-crafted, and emotionally resonant.

The film follows the journey of Arjun, a young legal immigrant who lands in USA to fulfill his dreams. The film shows struggles and emotions he have to go through to prove his abilities and how he ultimately achieves his objective.

The performances in this movie are outstanding, particularly by the lead actor who portrays Arjun with depth, vulnerability, and strength. The supporting cast is equally impressive, each bringing their own unique charm and authenticity to their roles.

The cinematography is good, capturing the natural beauty of the American kandscapes and enhancing the emotional resonance of the story. The film's score is also a standout, perfectly complementing the narrative with its evocative melodies.

Overall, "Family man in America" is a must-see film that will leave you feeling uplifted, inspired, and grateful for the power of self-confidence and family. It is imperative to encourage more films like this.

Reviewed by ramv-4341910 / 10

An interesting movie

For a debut, director Ashok did a great job. I really liked the movie and the plot. Great story line, background score, editing and an interesting movie that holds you till the end. Cast did a good performance. There are several individuals that might relate the situations narrated in this movie to their experiences. Its a movie narrated very naturally without much extravagance. Simple story, close to reality, clean presentation, naturally sounding dialogues. Start to end the director did a good job in building the pressure to make the audience glue to the movie till the end. I wish good luck and may this movie see some financial success so the director gets enough motivation and make some more good movies.

Reviewed by / 10

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