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Guilty Parents


Action / Crime / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer2 / 10

Terrible...but very entertaining!

"Guilty Parents" is a terrible exploitation film that leaves viewers laughing....and a bit confused. I think most of it is because the filmmakers are warning against things they really know nothing about...such as sex!

When the story begins, Helen is on trial for murder. Her lawyer is doing his summation and essentially blames Helen's problems on her prudish mother. What follows is a lengthy flashback that follows the gullible Helen from an innocent to a hard drinkin' woman to a floozy to a murderer! And, in the end, she receives the penalty she so richly deserves...DEATH!!!!!

"Guilty Parents" is terrible for many reasons. The worst is that it's filled with misinformation. I thought it bizarre and funny that Betty was molested by some man...and only two days later was dead!!! But from WHAT??? I think they were implying she got a back alley abortion...but after two day?!?!? Huh?!?! Lots of other confusing stuff in this one as well...along with some over the top acting and lousy direction. Overall, a confusing mess of a message that is more unintentionally hilarious than anything else.

Reviewed by boblipton4 / 10

The Mysteries Of Sex Life

Jean Lacy is a girl whose mother, Isabel La Mal, tries to keep her innocent. Knowing nothing about reality, she becomes a prey to teen-aged boys, one of whom has her drive the car when he robs a gas station. When we next see her, she has just given up her baby, while her mother makes desultory efforts to find out what has happened to her. Miss Lacy sinks further into depravity by living with a man, and worse, becoming a chorus line dancer.

Released on the verge of the Production Code taking full effect, this looks to be what would become an exploitation film, starting out with a lot of text about how ignorance promulgated by parents will lead inevitably to their children winding up murderers. For an exploitation film, it is pretty mild stuff. There's one shot of women in their undergarments, shown discreetly in silhouette.

Miss Lacy's career in the movies never amounted to much. In 1935, she moved to New York, where she danced in the chorus and sang at night clubs. At the end of the Second World War, she returned to Los Angeles, where she produced an starred in a radio show, and later a series of television shows, aimed at women and covering subjects of public interest. She died in 1996 at the age of 82.

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