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Husband, Wife and Their Lover


Drama / Romance / Thriller

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Nikki Leigh as Veronica Ballard-Glen
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Kristi Murdock as Gillian
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by / 10

Reviewed by chellamia7 / 10

Compelling lifetime thriller

And I'm trying to find if it's playing again or somewhere else as I wasn't recording and lost the last half when I put it on pause. I knew there was going to be a twist & I figured it out right before it was revealed which make it all the more frustrating as I'm dying to know what happened. It's LIFETIME so i'm sure good will prevail but I want to know what that evil Lexi has up her sleeve & how she & her partner in crime go down because she's a psychopath & I hope it's painful because she causes so much misery for the daughter & wife of Jordan. I wish there was a Q & A on IMDb unless I don't know how to access it. I usually don't write reviews too because I can never find them.

Reviewed by pumping_iron-12 / 10

Don't think so

When your spouse suggests a ménage a trios, that's a huge sign of a troubled marriage. When that third party starts blackmailing you, not the husband, just you, and the husband does nothing to help, that's a huge sign that he's conspiring with the blackmailer. For Veronica to be so business savvy, she certainly was naive about people. She could've stopped this in its tracks by just confessing to her father. I doubt her father would've fallen apart hearing his daughter had a threesome. If she was fired, she could've found another job. I just didn't get why she allowed Lexi to have all the power. The only thrill about this movie was waiting to see if/how Lexi died.

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