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I Know Where Lizzie Is


Crime / Thriller

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Vanessa Evigan Photo
Vanessa Evigan as Rebecca Holden
Madison Iseman Photo
Madison Iseman as Lizzie Holden
Tracey Gold Photo
Tracey Gold as Judith Holden
Nadia Bjorlin Photo
Nadia Bjorlin as Tracy Spencer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by edwagreen10 / 10


This film had me at the edge of my seat. It just wasn't dealing with the kidnapping of a wealthy teenager and its effects on her divorced parents, the dad having remarried and wife #2, much younger, is just too sympathetic to believe. Instead, the film concerns itself with a hideous plot by a seer hired by the second wife to do the kidnapping and then have the police follow her sightings.

As if this isn't enough, we have an over-zealous news anchor who is ready to go to the top of his profession no matter what. The psychic's husband, basically a good Joe, was talked into this mess by his overly ambitious and apparently evil wife.

There are constant plot twists and by the film's end, everyone gets what is coming to them.

Reviewed by a_baron7 / 10

I Know Where Lizzie Is

This is a slightly unusual film in that it has two lead femmes fatales, a reluctant bad guy who is married to one of them, and the usual weak script we have come to expect from American TV and lower budget cinema. A feisty teenager is kidnapped, and who is going to locate her? A fast rising local psychic, a woman who we soon find out is 100% flim-flam, as are all psychics. Ask James Randi.

That being said, she manages to convince the detective on the case, having researched his background including his late wife's passion for music. Again, this is something psychics have been known to do, usually with a lot less subtlety. What is the purpose of the kidnapping? Money and fame, not necessarily in that order, but it gets complicated when femme fatale number two breaks the news that this is a kidnapping with a pay off but no delivery of the goods.

Just for good measure there is some karma thrown in. Pity the lowlife bit player journalist comes through it with flying colours, but who said life was fair?

Reviewed by phd_travel7 / 10

Liked the angle of this kidnap thriller

A bratty daughter of some Hollywood hot shot is kidnapped. Rather uniquely we get to know the kidnapper is the sultry psychic who has been helping with the investigation. Liked the explanation how psychics get info. And how she plays a tabloid reporter for celebrity. Tracey Gold plays upset mom. It's a different type of kidnap thriller with nice twists.

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