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Like There's No Tomorrow


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Reviewed by bryank-048446 / 10

If you love to ski or snowboard, this is your holy grail.

'Warren Miller's...Like There's No Tomorrow' is the next film in the ski and snowboarding franchise under the Warren Miller name. Warren Miller was born in the 1920's and is probably the biggest name in ski and snowboarding documentaries. Miller is retired now and just has his name billed to these documentaries, which come out at least once a year. Before he retired, Miller wrote, produced, and directed his documentaries.

Now, I love the sport of skiing. I've been skiing for the past 22 years. It's the most fun you can have with all of your clothes on. That being said, I don't see the point of these videos. Maybe, if it was a documentary about a competition, or somebody learning to ski their favorite mountain, this would be interesting. But, much like skateboarding videos, 'Warren Miller's...Like There's No Tomorrow' seems to feature several big names in the skiing arena who...well...just ski.

There's not really a point to it, other than watching some professional skiers jump off cliffs, ski through some trees, and talk about skiing. There are a few cool shots in this video. I particularly enjoyed watching the first-person shot as we ski down some pretty steep slopes and off mountains. It was like playing a video game, but without the guns. I don't even think the point of this film is to persuade non-skiers to get up and try it out. From the way it's made, I just imagine professional skiers or people who work seasonally at a ski resort might have these videos around in the break room.

The people featured in this video are not your normal ski enthusiasts. These are the hardcore professional skiers that spend every waking moment either skiing or talking about skiing, and they get paid for it. I recognized none of the names used in the film. 'Warren Miller's...Like There's No Tomorrow' journeys to several places including California, Utah, Chile, India, and Norway to name a few. At each location we get to see the slopes and these professionals "ride the powder", a term I've never heard before. There is a bit of comedy used throughout the film, mainly a skit featuring a guy dressed in a Yeti costume who likes to ski. He pops up here and there.

I compare this to skateboarding videos, because it features the same thing. The only difference is the sport. There are a lot of professionals doing what they do best, and it is all set to music. Speaking of the music, it ranges from Beastie Boys to Dean Martin and everything in between. It was like watching a one 98 minute skiing documentary set to a wide variety of music. I don't see the appeal to these types of films, but I guess there is a decent sized audience, since these continue to be released more than once a year. I'm just not one of them.

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