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The House of Tomorrow


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh75%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled45%
IMDb Rating6.1102173

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Top cast

Maude Apatow Photo
Maude Apatow as Meredith Whitcomb
Asa Butterfield Photo
Asa Butterfield as Sebastian Prendergast
Nick Offerman Photo
Nick Offerman as Alan Whitcomb
Ellen Burstyn Photo
Ellen Burstyn as Josephine Prendergast
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by siderite8 / 10

Filled with cliches, but great acting

What really shines in the film are the actors. Asa Butterfield and Alex Wolff are good, I dare say Nick Offerman is great. Not so much Ellen Burstyn, who had a cardboard role and a similar approach to it. The story is also interesting, although polluted with some tough to swallow cliches like "the teenage kid that never had soda and speaks like a dictionary" or "the nasty but good at heart kids". But once you get over those, the film is very pleasant. There are some scenes that are just wonderful.

Bottom line: coming of age story with a nice happy ending, an exploration of the teenage angst from the eyes of a naive and sheltered child raised in the spirit of futurism by a nutty grandmother. I recommend it.

Reviewed by aidanratesmovies8 / 10

Superb acting in an otherwise unfinished feeling film

The House of Tomorrow is based off a great book which deserves to be made into a great film, this is not what we got. Instead the final product of this shelved work, seems more rushed than we hope for. That being said, there is still enjoyment to be found in this film, from all the fun filled performances, especially that from Alex Wolf, and the daring sense of adventure and friendship, which the film unfortunately doesn't get to reveal its full potential of, but what we got is still enough to settle for. The film is funny, but ultimately is too faced paced for its own good. We only hoped they could have spent more time on it, maybe then we could have got something great, rather than something simply fine. My Rating: 7.75/10

Reviewed by akcenat6 / 10

Predictable, but solid casted retro type of a movie about youthful rebellion

"The House of Tomorrow" is a tale of two isolated boys struggling to take control of their lives that's too clean-cut in its depiction of rebellion. In the movie, for me, everything around these two budding friends feels underdeveloped. The film is one of those quirky comedies filled with random contrived occurrences solely existing to push the plot forward. Some of those guideposts are profoundly insightful; others just feel dramatically convenient. As result, the story and characters deserve better than the amateurish scripting and cringe-inducing comedy on display here. It walks the line between decent and bad quite a bit, but unfortunately it have obvious, cliché ending. If you're a fan of punk rock, geodesic domes and an retro type of movies you will enjoy this film, otherwise I suggest that you skip it. 6-/10

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