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Love Again


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Priyanka Chopra Photo
Priyanka Chopra as Mira Ray
Sam Heughan Photo
Sam Heughan as Rob Burns
Nick Jonas Photo
Nick Jonas as Joel
Celia Imrie Photo
Celia Imrie as Gina Valentine
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yoliegb9 / 10


This is a charming, warm movie. Old school & welcome!

Romcoms by nature are formulaic. This one is imbued with pathos. It deals with loss and heartbreak as the foundation for the relational building blocks to come. Sam & Priyanka are not only gorgeous, they are fine actors who bring sorrow and heartbreak to life. They also have great comedic timing. They're wonderful together! When Mira & Rob meet you can see their attraction, their awkwardness, their shyness. It feels real. There are some lol moments and a few tears, too.

Sam Heughan is a revelation. He lights up & dominates the screen, no small thing with Priyanka as his partner. The camera loves him! He's really funny but also very believable when his heart is breaking. He has a huge range of emotions.

Priyanka is very relatable. She brings depth, vulnerability and warmth to Mira. She is so incredibly beautiful!

Celine is Celine in her movie debut - she & her music do not disappoint. Her involvement in the story adds a different unusual flavor. She actually tells her story of the loss of her husband. It's very moving.

The supporting actors all deserve mention. Mira's sister and Rob's two working comrades are adorable! And funny!

Nick Jonas was also very amusing in his bit part. That he's Pri's husband in RL makes it more so. He's quite good!

I left feeling emotionally stirred in a good way.

I'm giving this a 9 simply because I did not fully believe the chemistry between Mira & John, her dead fiancee. There was such a difference with Rob!

This is a move worth seeing - again and again.

Reviewed by CinemaSerf5 / 10

Love Again

Now I don't know about you, but if I started to get text messages from an unknown number that were emotionally revealing in nature, I think that I would politely inform the sender that they'd got a wrong number! Not so here, when the rather hapless "Rob" (Sam Heughan) starts to get messages that certainly tweak his interest, and that of his colleagues "Lisa" (Lydia West) and "Billy" (Russell Tovey). He is able to glean enough from her texts to eventually engineer a meeting (at the opera) and is soon introduced to "Mira" (Priyanka Chopra Jonas) who is still reeling from the death of her previous boyfriend in an auto accident - hence why she still thinks she is talking to him when sending messages to his old, now reallocated, phone number! Meantime, "Rob" has been tasked with getting an in-depth interview with the soon-to-tour Celine Dion and after a rather shaky start at a press conference, she decides to help our dippy hero to sort out his rather curiously developing relationship. To be fair to Heughan, he's not your archetypal pretty boy in this film, but that's only of slight benefit as the plot lurches from ridiculous to absurd before concluding in the only way it could (just ninety minutes later than it needed to be). The soundtrack does offer us a chance to recall just how powerful Miss Dion's voice is, but her acting ought to be something she consigns to the back of her sock drawer pretty sharpish - a recommendation that could be made for pretty much the entire cast (and the pretty lame writing, too). The only redeeming scene, I felt anyway, featured an health-obsessed Nick Jonas as her date who, upon realising that he wasn't going to get laid, starts to look for an alternative partner with whom to burn off the carbs from the drinks - while they are still in the cab! Nothing at all to write home about here, it passes the time amiably and forgettably enough but definitely does not need the cinema experience.

Reviewed by rswason10 / 10

Loved it

Such a cute movie. Lovely songs and grt chemistry between Priyanka and sam. Lovely old fashioned romantic comedy like you've got mail, sleepless in Seattle etc. Fun for the whole family. Must watch in theatres. Lovely new songs by Celine dion too. Nick's cameo was so funny. Love again gives hope for so many who have been hurt in love and wish to try again. Go with your friends or family and laugh and cry and fall in love again. Grt performances from all the actors and the supporting actors too. Definitely worth watching at the theatre. Wholesome, happy, hopeful movie and a sweet romantic comedy.

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