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More Than Ever

2022 [FRENCH]

Drama / Romance

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Vicky Krieps Photo
Vicky Krieps as Hélène Mouchet
Gaspard Ulliel Photo
Gaspard Ulliel as Matthieu Mouchet
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by euroGary7 / 10

Decent human-interest drama

Hélène (Vicki Krieps),a Luxembourger living in France, is disagnosed with a terminal lung condition. With a husband (the late Gaspard Ulliel) whose concern she finds smothering, and friends who are not sure how to react, she turns to the Internet for solace and stumbles across the website of 'Mister' (Bjørn Floberg),who is receiving treatment for intestinal cancer. After a few webchats in which the two establish a rapport, she decides to visit Mister, hoping to achieve, in his remote Norwegian village, greater understanding of what is happening to her.

Given the subject matter, this film could have been laden with histrionics - floods of tears, screaming etc - but thankfully such scenes are kept to a minimum, even though Hélène's emotions are all over the place and some of her speeches veer dispiritingly close to the 'finding myself' variety. Krieps gives a good performance, aided by a script that does not make Hélène someone mired in self-pity; Hélène desires self-exploration rather than feeling sorry for herself. Ulliel, as the husband who, after giving her so much support, feels left out of his wife's new relationship, is as admirably restrained as the script allows. It is hard to judge the performance of Floberg; it could be that as 'Mister' is such a taciturn character the actor was given little with which to work.

The film contains a lengthy sex scene that, with its tender close-ups and following of 'less is more' in terms of skin revealed per shot, is very erotic.

With its small cast and slow, quiet tone, this would not be for everyone. But if you are after a good human-interest drama, 'More than Ever' would be a good choice.

Reviewed by darkmessiah-956902 / 10

Should have been a short movie

A melancholic film that searches in vain for its missing common thread for more than 2 hours, but never finds it. The plot consists of overly drawn-out scenes that want to convey feelings to the viewer, but rather tempt them to hope that the plot will start at some point.

Stylistic devices are used, but sometimes inexperienced or wrong (keyword color theory, for example).

The film would have made a good short film. The film's running time can easily be shortened to under 15-10 minutes without losing any key scenes.

"Spoiler" Entire plot of the film: A terminally ill woman travels to Norway to meet an elderly blogger who is not her own, in order to die there alone without her husband and gain distance. Her husband then visits her once and beats the older man out of jealousy without any apparent context, after which she tries to kill herself by taking a walk in the forest. Immediately afterwards, after a 10-minute erotic scene, he flies home again. End.

Reviewed by tacom9 / 10

Wonderful heartbreaking

Plus que Jamais is a slowpaced drama dealing with a fatal disease and what it does to the people around the patient, especially the loved ones.

Vicki Krieps is excellent, it is not hard to understand where Helene is coming from and thats because of Vicki. Yes it's dramatic, but she acts with a lightness that it never gets too heavy.

Her husband , played by the equally wonderful Gaspard Uliel , in one of his last roles, feels left out and has a hard time dealing with being so helpless.

Shot in beautiful Norway the movie is slow yes, but never boring. Excellent acting and story telling.

If that is not enough; for me it was a little confronting to watch deep into Gaspard's eyes again, knowing he passed away earlier this year. Great loss, beautiful and very talented guy.

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