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Oak Tree: Nature's Greatest Survivor



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by timbysand10 / 10

Great documentary.

I thoroughly enjoyed this documentary and really engaged with both the science and anecdotal aspects presented throughout the passage of the seasons. The oak really is a fascinating study and the section on dendrochronolgy was particularly engaging. I find it so mind boggling to consider the representation of time and it's unique characteristics in the growth rings of a tree which many take for granted.

Furthermore I am honored to be part of the dialogue between the two reviewers below. I hope time has soothed the tempers regarding the height of the tree. I personally heard "9 tree meters", no idea what it equates to but assume it's fairly tall as it was a decent sized tree. All the best.

Reviewed by buzzkillington-2291910 / 10

Great stuff

To the other commenter, he said 19 meters not 90. Apparently my review is too short to just post a passive-aggressive message to some guy 2 years ago, but really of course a professor from Oxford university would know the difference between 19 and 90, don't assume stuff like that and if you didn't check that you probably didn't really listen to the doc now did you?

Reviewed by HigHurtenflurst8 / 10

Interesting science

An interesting documentary. However, an error near the beginning when Dr. McGavin states that the Oak is 90 meters high - very unlikely, as the biggest oaks are perhaps half that height.

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