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Sealed with a Kiss: Wedding March 6



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Caitlin Stryker Photo
Caitlin Stryker as Autumn Davis
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Josie Bissett as Olivia Pershing
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Nathan Witte as Curt Sims
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Chelsey Reist as Jess
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rebekahrox7 / 10

I fear that this series will never end.

This is the one where Olivia and Mick finally get married. But not before dealing with the wedding of another couple. The other couple had an interesting dynamic. At first, the guy, who is a fast rising movie action star, seems like a n exemplary nice guy and totally devoted to his down-to-earth bride to be. As the movie goes on, though, we see that he is a manipulative passive-aggressive jerk while putting self-promotion before his wedding despite promising faithfully to keep it low key with no hype or publicity. His favorite trick is to tell his increasingly frustrated and unhappy fiancé that this is a one-off and if he doesn't do the interview/photo-op/magazine spread it will be harmful to his career. And then he tells his bride: "But you decide. It's all up to you." Knowing full well that she will go along with it or be the mean selfish b!tch.

The sensible bride probably would have drawn the line in the sand long before she did except that at the beginning of the movie, Josie/Olivia advises her to be more flexible to her future husbands needs or risk a break-up. And then, after giving her that piece of questionable advice, she lets her twist in the wind while meekly putting up with the groom's nonsense and continual changes of plan.

Other than the step by step descent of the groom from nice guy to stupid jerk, the rest of the film was the usual string of disasters with flowers, cake, dress, caterers, vows, etc. I think many viewers are tired of this series, including Olivia and Mick's two daughters who I guess were too busy to attend, or weren't invited. Plus, the age difference between Jack and Josie is starting to get noticeable. It would have been fine except that they are supposed to be the same age.

I am happy to report, however, that Josie Bisset finally has gotten her hair situation, which has been a source of suspense and amusement throughout the previous 5 movies, somewhat under control. Luckily though, at the end, we are treated to a series of flashbacks from the previous movies which highlight her struggles.

Reviewed by Jackbv1234 / 10

I hope this is finally it

I don't get what kept this series going. Wagner and Bissett are OK, but not worth 6 installments.

Yes the movie star is selfish and doesn't seem to care a wit about his fiancée's wishes until the climax. It's not like she never told him, but then she just keeps giving in to him. The woman needs to realize that's how her life is going to go if she marries him.

I prefer stories where the romance develops, but in this one, all the main couples are already pretty well set from the beginning.

I hate wedding disasters and this one throws one disaster on top of another until it's just sad. Between those and the movie star's selfishness, it was hard to enjoy this movie.

Reviewed by teepack-753126 / 10

Too much contrived drama

Let's hope this is the end of this series. I can just imagine the writer thinking, what can go wrong in a wedding? And then including every thing she could think of in the script. The idea of the series was great, but in typical Hallmark fashion, they dragged it on for as long as they could.

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