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2011 [KOREAN]

Action / Comedy / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paulclaassen8 / 10


'Sunny' is a heartwarming comedy drama we can all relate to. Thinking back at our school days when we were full of life, ambition and dreams. And looking at our lives now, did we achieve those dreams?

This is essentially what 'Sunny' is all about. Na-Mi (Ho-jeong Yu) reflects on her school days after visiting a school friend who was diagnosed with cancer, with only two months to live. This could easily have been a sad, soppy story, but it is told in a lighthearted manner, and a very accurate illustration of school days. The characters are likable, and there's a lot of character development. There are the cliques, the bullies, the happiness, the memories.

I'm usually not a big comedy fan, but this was funny, and a lot of fun, too. The film also has an awesome soundtrack, bringing back even more memories. 'Sunny' is a touching story that will win you over in the blink of an eye. Wow, what an amazing film!

Reviewed by yoggwork8 / 10

slowly send a warm story to your heart.

In a relaxed and humorous atmosphere, slowly send a warm story to your heart. My little black dress and this film are all warm and delicious. Suitable for slow aftertaste

Reviewed by Muhammad_Rafeeq9 / 10

South korean ( A+ Movie) My Ratings 9/10


A feel-good friendship reunion film that among other things, features a played-for-laughs girl-gang fight amidst the backdrop of a 1980's Seoul protest / riot. The writing / plot was also exceptional, and while Sunny has a somewhat sad undertone, it's nicely contrasted with the unbridled freedom and happiness of their teenage years. The movie touches nicely upon a lot of issues, from teenage insecurities to loss to bullying, and provides a nice, realistic, but uplifting take on them. While life in high school may be full of youthful enthusiasm for the future, the movie recognizes that adulthood is different, and often times that youthful enthusiasm turns into guarded cynicism . But rather than accept that, the movie argues that we can still keep some of that optimism and enthusiasm as we age, especially with the support of our close friends As someone who also has a group of close friends, I can completely understand the bonds that these girls have. While we are still extremely close, I know it is inevitable that we will drift apart, like the girls in Sunny, as we move on to different careers and focus on our families. But, Sunny reminds me that these bonds of friendships will always remain, and that our memories of these times will forever tie us togethe

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