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The Best Man


Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten33%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright67%
IMDb Rating4.81074

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Dolph Lundgren Photo
Dolph Lundgren as Anders
Luke Wilson Photo
Luke Wilson as Cal
Nicky Whelan Photo
Nicky Whelan as Brook
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DeadMansTrousers2 / 10

Almost unwatchable

I am a big Dolph Lundgren fan and I have been watching all his movies since the direct to video days where you rented them on vhs and this is by far one of the worst. The action is bland the acting from the supporting cast is terrible and wooden and there is almost no plot. It takes over half an hour for the story to pick up and any action to happen and in that time its just terribly hammy acting from the supporting cast which is almost torturous to sit through. When the action finally picks up its bland and repetitive with nothing super exciting and I barely found myself staying awake throughout this film. Dolph has limited screen time and this one is an easy skip for any fans who are looking for a unique film with fun action scenes.

Reviewed by pioneerstkd3 / 10

Dolph mails one in.

An interesting premise; rich daddy rents an entire mountain resort for his daughter's wedding, terrorists show up, mayhem ensues, is pretty much wasted with bland acting (by the men),hysteria (by the women),plot holes you could drive a truck through and fight sequences which purport to have actors playing highly-trained special ops vets but there's no doubt they're actors. As for Dolph Lundgren, in his prime he could've handled the entire invading force by himself, and even at 65 he should've been able to take out at least half of them alone. One has to wonder if the "liquor" he was drinking was real.

Reviewed by elizabeth-rochon3 / 10

Expected more

Spoiler alert if you read on. Dolph was excellent! The drunk dad was ridiculous, rich or not I could never imagine a father being drunk at the start of a daughters wedding. The overall acting was a bunch of seasoned actors reading not acting. Seriously wanted better. The script had major potential so sad that whomever thought this was good when it could of been great.

The actors, the script was really great so explain why, WHY the execution was crap??

Luke Wilson was slightly ridiculous being a person who seemed to have or should of had a skill set to be a skilled fighter in combat yet gets knocked out immediately.

Last the amount of money the father offered was nothing for a filthy rich man that bought out a entire resort as well as funding first rescue at the start of the movie. Should be re-made redirected and re-produced.

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