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Three Sappy People



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Ann Doran as Countess
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by haskala10 / 10

I have seen this one numerous times and laugh again and again!

Tested over time this classic is timeless! I have seen this one numerous times and laugh again and again! I think the vast majority of folks that watch the Three Stooges and especially their shorts like this one, appreciate laughing at the snobby, and pretentious wealthy. And nowadays during our global economic troubles the folks that have little like laughing at the folks that have way too much. One thing though:

Of all of the times I have watched this short, I could never identify the thing served on each plate that looked like a corn on the cob wrapped.

However it was endlessly wrapped and had some inky liquid at its center. What in heaven's name was it!!!! Of course the biscuits were obvious and funny when confused with a lady's makeup powder puff.

But maybe some one out there knows what that thing was that when squeezed squirted out black liquid??????

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-110 / 10

Pure Insanity Start-To-Finish!

This is one of my favorite Three Stooges episodes because it's wild from start-to-finish.

It begins in the first 30 seconds with a young wife driving her car through the house into the living room, where people are waiting to celebrate her birthday. Apparently, she's done stuff like this before.

The husband has had it, so he calls for psychiatrists: Dr. Ziller, Dr. Zeller and Dr. Zoller and "their methods are known to be peculiar." Well, the Stooges are phone repairmen who just happened to be fixing the switchboard at the doctors' office when the call comes in for help. Desperate, they take the job and pretend to be psychiatrists. Notice how often the Stooges wind up in situations like this, impersonating others?

Anyway, that gives you an idea about the insanity and this pure frenetic Three Stooges short which has a crazy woman and the farcial Stooges having a lot of fun together at the birthday the funny expense of everyone else at the party. The dinner food-fight is a classic!

Reviewed by mrb19809 / 10

Riotous Short; the Stooges Destroy High Society

This Three Stooges short uses the old plot device of placing the blue-collar Stooges in high society surroundings, setting the scene for all sorts of lowbrow mischief at the expense of the upper crust and bringing the haughty rich down to the working-class level of the Stooges.

In order to make fast money, the phone-repairmen Stooges pose as pricey psychiatrists Drs. Ziller, Zeller, and Zoller and crash a society birthday party at a swank mansion. After falling off their tandem bike, the Stooges consult wealthy Mr. Rumsford (Don Beddoe),who asks them to examine his young wife (the lovely birthday girl Lorna Gray). All manner of chaos ensues, especially when the Stooges sit down with the rich folks for a formal dinner party. Things naturally get quickly out of hand, and everything culminates in a wild upper crust cream puff fight, then the boys are paid $1,500, after which they scram.

The action never slows down, the gags are hilarious, and the supporting cast is fine. A young Ann Doran appears as an unbearably stiff and haughty socialite, who is of course on the receiving end of her share of cream puff missiles. Lorna Gray is absolutely radiant and has a great talent for the Stooges' style of comedy. The dependable Don Beddoe is great as the exasperated Mr. Rumsford, who is unable to control his wild young wife. For some reason I can't identify, I've always thought that the Stooges crashing their tandem bicycle is one of their funniest gags ever. Even if you don't particularly like the Three Stooges, you might enjoy this bright and funny short subject.

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