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What Have We Done to Deserve This?

2018 [GERMAN]

Action / Comedy

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Emily Cox as Therapist
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp8 / 10


This really walks a fine line ... like how much fun can you poke at a religion ... and those who sort of have no idea about it? And how do you mix that together ... and how do you make it work within a family? There are quite the minefields that the movie has to tip toe around. I'd say overall it does a really good job ... but since the subject matter isn't an easy one, I am sure that some people will feel offended. Or at least triggered ... you can't please everyone, even when you make clear it is just a comedy and not meant as anything else.

Which is not saying, that if you are offended by this I am saying you shouldn't be. I am not telling you how to feel about this ... you have to make up your mind. Hopefully you can look at this and just have fun with it ... especially when you consider that everyone is trying their best to be as inoffensive as possible - but failing mostly. And that goes again, for everybody ... so it isn't just the one character who decides to change religion ... but everyone else around her too ... Again not an easy watch if you are easily offended, but anyone who appreciates a comedy that dares, will like this at least.

Reviewed by Propagandist7 / 10

Racism? Everybody, but not us!

Great Austrian comedy about prejudices, racism and puberty. A German mother of an atheist, diverse and liberal Austrian family suddenly has to deal with the fact that her pubescent daughter, instead of smoking pot and roaming the streets, converted to Islam and took: "hijab", the Muslim headscarf. This tests her limits and the ones of her whole environment, nearly to the brink. The movie shows all kinds of racism and prejudices, also of people who consider themselves free of it, but not by pointing fingers but using the (in)famous Austrian: "Schmäh". Very recommended to parents of girls, and probably boys, reaching puberty.

Reviewed by lightoel1 / 10

Every bad thing happens to us for a reason, that reason is not always because we deserve it

The movie starts with an atheist Austrian family meeting their daughter that recently converted to Islam and wearing the full Islamic clothing the Hijab and Abaya and while all of us (the audience) are wondering why did she convert they keep beating around the bush and trying to make jokes until the scene ends and the same thing happens in the following scene and we never get an satisfying answer to such a question that represents the main premise or the main subject of the film instead later on we get the impression that she only converted to support the right and freedom of minorities and she's not convinced that Islam is the truth. Therefore we never empathize with the daughter and she feels very annoying with her constant complaining and arguing and disrespect towards all her family members especially her mother which is against the basic teachings of Islam on the other hand we see her committed to some Islamic rulings that are 10 times less important than respecting your parents and being nice to them. The movie paints Islam in a very bad false picture making some Muslim characters say false facts about Islam and taking many Islamic teachings out of context and presenting them to the audience without any explanation. I don't advise anyone to believe anything the movie says about Islam most of what's done and said in the movie about Islam and Muslims is not true, if you want to learn about Islam please do your research on the internet yourself from credible Islamic sources not from the enemies of Islam.

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