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What's Love Got to Do with It?


Comedy / Romance

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Lily James Photo
Lily James as Zoe Stevenson
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Emma Thompson as Cath Stevenson
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Shazad Latif as Kazim
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by athanass6 / 10

A fun Rom-Com that bypasses the hard stuff

There are good things about this film. See it if you are looking for a light-hearted experience.

It shows some good parts of "assisted" marriage very well, while also acknowledging how these traditional practices are coming under stress by modern culture.


The line " .. it must start with a simmer .." is just beautiful.


They started showing how the positive aspects of "assisted" partnering can be hugely beneficial in "Western" culture.


I like the way the female character was portrayed as someone who chases career and recognition above all else, then suddenly looks at her life, and her thoughts go to other things. Something (I think) that resonates with much of modern western society.


So the movie started to take me down a deep and sensitive path about relationships, family pressures and expectations, the clash of cultures, acceptance, risk and courage. The underlying concept that people will "grow into Love" ... as heralded by the title ... made me expect a particular kind of movie. Then it changed.

They took a "stock standard" turn and cover everything in sugar syrup, whipped cream and choc sprinkles that completely overturns the whole build up. A school child could have written the last 20 mins.

. Many people will love this film, and there are some really good parts. It opens a door of great possibility with potential riches of emotion, cultural stresses and conflict, and just takes a little peek inside.

I would love someone to make a movie where this door is thrown open with abandon. Until then, enjoy this little Rom-Com.

Reviewed by steveinadelaide7 / 10

An uplifting romantic comedy

After an uneven, stilted start, WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT settles into an enjoyable rom-com. It follows the story of two childhood friends, now in their thirties, who must decide whether to follow their heads or their hearts when one of them decides to go through with an arranged marriage back home in Pakistan.

The movie has a light-hearted feel and emphasises finding your own identity and truth rather than conforming to external expectations. The characters are well-fleshed out and likable enough to make us cheer them on for their happy ending. The cast delivers a charming and honest performance, while the soundtrack further adds to the movie's light-hearted tone.

Emma Thompson (who plays Cath) shines in her role and provides a strong emotional core to the movie. Lily James (who plays Zoe) also gives us a strong performance and her chemistry with Thompson is palpable. The supporting characters add to the movie's charm, but they don't detract from the main characters' story.

There are three things about WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT that I particularly liked. First, the glimpses into Pakistani culture, which is fascinating and enlightening. Second, the movie doesn't shy away from the tough questions that come with arranged marriage. It confronts them head-on so that we can better understand why such decisions are taken. Lastly, there's an element of feminism in the movie and it highlights how women don't have to live by the rules set for them by society. The feminist elements are, in part, beautifully presented as revisions of fairy tales as Zoe tells stories to the children she sometimes babysits.

WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT is a sweet rom-com with lots of heart and soul. It offers an interesting take on arranged marriage, Pakistani culture, and the choices we make when our heads and hearts are at odds with each other. The movie is full of charm, wit and positive messages that will certainly leave you feeling uplifted.

Reviewed by tm-sheehan7 / 10

Entertaining and well produced

My Review-

What's Love Got to Do with It? (2022)

My Rating - 7/10

Watching this movie I found quite an enjoyable experience an interesting story, pleasant characters plus an insight into cultural differences and prejudices.

The movie is a cross cultural romance starring Lily James as Zoe a successful documentary maker who decides that her next project will be a study on the success of arranged marriages in contemporary British society.

Her childhood friend and next door neighbour Kazim played by Shazad Latif has agreed to marry a young suitable Pakistani bride chosen by his parents.

Emma Thompson plays Zoe's slightly zany but loveable mum Cath who enthusiastically embraces the culture of her neighbours even trying to match up her daughter with a suitable husband .

Of course there is a clash of cultures and all the characters have to look at their prejudices and examine the question the title of the movie asks "What's Love Got to do With It "?

I liked the clever reference to another rom com movie Love Actually when Zoe titles her new documentary Love Contractually.

I like Lily James very much her character Zoe is confident in her profession but not so confident in her romantic choices.

I haven't seen Emma Thompson play such a lightweight character before she always gives a good performance .

Shazad Latif as the boy next door Kasim is also very good as the obedient son who reluctantly agrees to his persuasive parents wish to marry their choice of a suitable beautiful Pakistani bride.

The movies British screenwriter Jemima Khan obviously writes from personal experience as she fell in love and married Imran Khan the cricketer and future Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1995 till they divorced in 2004.

It's a well produced well acted movie one of those light weight movies that's easy to watch with a good mixture of wit and wisdom.

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