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Fatal Intuition

2015 [KOREAN]


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Joo Won as Jang-woo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fluffset4 / 10

over the top cliché

When this movie start, I know already what will happen, even though I'm not even read the synopsis, when they show how close he is with his sister, I know that something will happen to his sister, with the rough town environment and everything. They tried to fill in some fantasy element in this movie with that psychic chick, who totally did her best with her role. But its not really mix well. I said "over the top cliché" because its same routine whodunit Korean movie that we, Korean movie buff had seen a lot of time. The same chasing around routine, the same dumb police who do not believe anyone routine. All the acting is OK, but its just so boring and quite predictable. This is like some comfort zone in Korean cinema that they need to get out of. They need to find a new genre and kill that one. Its okay if they still want to stick with this kind of story as long as they got some "not cliché" interesting tale to tell. Move on Korean cinema! We love you! The good "cliche" in 2015 that I notice is "The Accidental Detective", you need to watch this one!

Reviewed by KineticSeoul7 / 10

Slightly reminded me of a Korean version of "Minority Report"

Korean films are usually hit or a miss, so I was hesitant on seeing this one. Mainly because the trailer didn't really persuade me to go out and see this one. The trailer seemed like another movie where the father or the brother is trying to either protect or take revenge by finding the culprit. But it turned out a bit better than I thought. The trailer has that flaw of giving away too much. Now I like films where you as an audience is trying to find out who the culprit is by crossing out and narrowing the characters down. It's executed pretty well when it comes to that, except it gives away who the guy that is responsible away a bit too quickly. So the guessing game gets thrown out pretty quickly, which I thought was a shame. Another thing that caught me off guard is how this is more of a horror movie than a mystery thriller where the protagonist is constantly chase down the person responsible. There is plenty of on feet chase scenes, like in many Korean movies of this sort. So when it showed a supernatural element, such as a woman being able to see the future or some precog stuff going on. I was turned off by it at first, but it actually works for the movie as a whole. The up and coming actress Lee Yoo-Young that took on this role, she was convincing enough. I was impressed with her acting in "The Treacherous", so it was cool to see her be able to pull off a role that is almost the opposite. She has a bright career ahead of her. And Joo Won is convincing as well as the brother who is seeking vengeance of the death of his sister. Maybe because of the roles he is consistently in which is practically cutesy feminine roles, so I just couldn't picture him taking on a tough guy role. But the guy actually made it convincing, well at least for the most part. Overall, this isn't a movie I would go see in theaters but it's worth the rental.


Reviewed by heniekb8 / 10

Solid piece of Korean thriller

It's a good introduction to Hae-jin Yoo career. Somehow from this moment his career suddenly took a steep way up. He is the best part of the movie. I also liked quite an interesting combination of fantasy elements with thriller. Overall a very solid movie although Korean can do better.

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