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Paul Simon: The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song



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Reviewed by Babys-man7 / 10

What I saw was great!

I saw only about 10 - 15 minutes of this. I came in near the beginning of Alison Krauss doing "The Boxer". My first thought was: "Oh, no! Not a bluegrass version; what will they think of next". I stayed with it, though, and was heartily rewarded. In retrospect, bluegrass is a good choice for "The Boxer", and Krauss delivered. In particular, Krauss' fiddle during the bridge was very moving. My only complaint was that the song was done as a duet. The harmonies were beautiful but the singer in "The Boxer" is supposed to be so very lonely, and the second voice seems contrary to that theme. That's a very minor point, though.

Next came Lyle Lovett doing "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover ". Wow, what a horrible programming choice! Lovett did a great job, but the manipulation, deceit, and superficial emotions that are at the heart of "50 Ways .. " left me feeling disgusted. I remember when "50 Ways ... " first came out. It was hip, slick - seemed really sophisticated and clever. Coming right after "The Boxer", though, made it seem juvenile and prurient.

James Taylor and the Dixie Hummingbirds restored the mood with a genuine-sounding "Slip Slidin' Away". Great stuff! I really enjoy seeing talented performers working together - just thinking of how much they must be enjoying themselves makes my enjoyment all the greater.

I definitely will watch this all the way through, and probably increase my score - except this time I'll FF through "50 Ways ... "!

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