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Recep Ivedik 2

2009 [TURKISH]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by scanan1 / 10

A disgrace..

Seriously; I felt insulted. I have not seen anything so disrespectful as this piece of crap in my whole life.

Sahan Gokbakar, the leading actor and the scriptwriter, is a famous comedian in Turkey; but his suspicious fame is not enough to save this work in the eye of the audience.. OK, to be honest, there are two or three laughable moments all over; but as a whole, this 90 minutes of horse crap leaves a very sour taste in your mind.

No story at all; full of stupid jokes and a messy collection of events without any reasonable connection whatsoever.. This -so called- "movie" is the worst "thing" I have ever seen so far in a movie theater... I am now seriously considering to sue this nonsense... Innocent people should be warned somehow. I believe that this comment (actually, warning!) is my responsibility to the people as a responsible citizen!

Bottomline: Keep away at all costs... Seriously!

Reviewed by Film-gourmet7 / 10

A fully misunderstood movie

First of all I love the character "Recep" and I mean it. These film series are heavily misunderstood. People see Recep as a sloppy and pointless character. But he is not. He is one of the best example of anti-heroes; Like Tyler Durden (Fight Club),like Tuco (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly) or like Travis Bickle (Taxi Driver). He is an anarchist, he doesn't want to obey the unwritten rules of the society, he doesn't want to surrender to the conformist way of the everyday life. And he, represents the socially awkward people like us, struggling with our problems.

Acting is perfect in the movie. Every character, every extra used in this movie is acting so natural. You feel like you know them, you feel like they are your friends; with joy, sorrow and many other emotions. You feel like Recep, whatever he does.

I think this movie is more satire than comedy, but the comedy part shines more. The movie plot is against rules of society and the vessel is comedy.

I say buy this movie if you love comedy and satire.

Reviewed by skipper652 / 10

Excellent character ruined by a very bad script

Recep Ivedik is one of the best characters created by Turkish television and cinema lately. He represents a typical opportunist, selfish, arrogant, insensitive, annoying urban character. In an ordinary day in Istanbul you see such characters in the form of a lady driving a jeep while using her cell phone and violating traffic rules and putting others in danger, in the form of a manager humiliating his/her subordinates or a shopper shouting at a cashier.

When I first saw this character I thought we finally found our Homer Simpson. With clever marketing, good jokes, good scripts you can use this every day character for years with a very high popularity. However once again greed killed the goose laying golden eggs.

Unfortunately this movie has been absolutely a disappointment with a very bad script, nasty jokes, irritating awful grandma character, poor story telling, poor directing, poor cinematography and waste of time. Clearly harmful for children of all ages. Trailers are much better than the movie itself. Not recommended at all.

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