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Recep Ivedik

2008 [TURKISH]


Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled50%
IMDb Rating4.81027597

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sametfw10 / 10

My grandmother is died wait a sec

Best movie ever. People who don't laugh are normie.

Reviewed by guney-sadik10 / 10

The King Of Comedy

I saw "the IMDb vote" people have given and it is 5.5.Are you kidding?I couldn't believe when i see this vote.I can say this film is king of the comedy ever!Honestly!I have never seen a film like this and ı have watched a lots of comedy films(cult ones too) but any of them wasn't as good as Recep İvedik series.It is not easy to make laugh Turkish people to a film you need high quality jokes to make them happy like political jokes but Recep İvedik Made laugh every humanbeing at Turkey and some other countries.So ı'm saying there isn't a comedy better than Recep İvedik series in the world.Everybody "who wanna laugh" should watch this movie.

Reviewed by Kroshe1 / 10

The Turkish comedy is now dead and this film is the tombstone!

don't think I have ever seen such a terrible "comedy" film. There is absolutely no intelligence in this one. It's very dull, in fact, I don't think it is for anyone except the very but very dim. I have never been so bored watching a movie. I simply forced myself to watch it until the end (I was with my family so I couldn't leave them!) and it was a hard experience.

It feels like Togan Gokbakar (director) forces Sahan Gokbakar and others to make this dull movie funny, I mean really forcing them, but it just fails. After the movie, you end up feeling awkward around your friends/family and just want to get the hell outta the theater. I did pronto.

I've seen worse movies before but this is the worst I've seen this year. I honestly think that it doesn't even deserve one star. It is really hard to believe that already 800000 people saw this in Turkey! (yes, eight hundred thousand!). I am speechless. If you are a normal and well-adjusted person, you will find this movie only banal rubbish.

Recep Ivedik was a total waste of time for me and if there would be a way, I would get my money back, that is for sure. The main character is not funny, all acting and directing suck, overall, really bad movie if not the worst of 2008.

Definitely 0 out of 10.

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