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Recep Ivedik 3

2010 [TURKISH]


Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled30%
IMDb Rating4.21020163

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Çagatay Ulusoy as Dancer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by agenturprisma10 / 10

amazing work

This movie is really entertaining. i am a huge fan of sahans work. he is a legend. i can understand that the movie does not attract everyone, i think you kind of need to be familiar with turkish culture in order to get the message sometimes.

One thing i love about sahan is, that he creates comedy scenes which are funny but always have a reflection of a typical tuskish way of thinking. If you watch it you always feel connected and familiar with it. There are sometimes even hidden critism about something in turkish culture and I really like that.

Reviewed by cgyford4 / 10

Another fast and furious follow-up that maintains the iconic comedy buffoon's mastery of the Turkish box-office...

Popular Turkish comedy writer and performer Şahan Gökbakar ("Dıkkat Şahan Çıkabılır") reunites with his younger brother Togan Gökbakar ("Gen") for the third film in their Turkish box office blockbuster comedy series "Recep İvedik" featuring a somewhat toned down version of his titular comedy character than in previous outings.

Fat, aggressive, unibrowed slob Recep İvedik (Şahan Gökbakar) has plunged into inconsolable grief following the death of his beloved grandmother at the end of the last film when in walks spunky college girl and distant relative Zeynep (Zeynep Çamci) to guide him through the required skits of his emotional journey to recovery.

Şahan Gökbakar returns with a slightly more controlled and less foul-mouthed incarnation of the inspired burlesque exaggeration of the so-called 'maganda' at large in the city while superb support comes from the cute but occasionally grating Zeynep Çamci, who had a minor role in the previous film, as the naive young kid who can tame this wild bear.

The film-makers have tried to create more of an emotional underpinning for the comedy creation's character arch this time out but it still just boils down to a series of short burlesque comedy routines tied together by the loosest of story-lines that will only appeal to those with an intimate understanding of the society they are attempting to skew.

"This is just a shell, inside it's still the old Recep"

Reviewed by CaliforniaRoll4 / 10

Too much drama

Compared to her early films, it was a film that exaggerated the drama. As such, absurd humor could not show itself. It's a movie that doesn't suit such a typing. Another issue is that the film always proceeds in the same way, even the contrasts applied to the film are the same. Also, I think it would be more appropriate to accompany such a film with more vivid colors. It is not right for Recep Ivedik to have an emotional approach to people who are not of her own blood, who are not like her, because she is not like everyone else. All I want is for this series to progress in the "bros before hoes" mind.

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