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Wedding Every Weekend


Comedy / Romance

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Peter Benson as Colin
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Paul Campbell as Nate Thomas
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Kimberley Sustad as Brooke Etheridge
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Racingphan29 / 10

Kimberly Sustad is a star!

Kimberly Sustad is usually stuck playing the best friend in Hallmark movies, but when she is given the lead, magic happens! Add the always entertaining Paul Campbell as the male lead, and boom, you have a winner. And attention Posties, Geoff Gustafson has a very minor role. He's criminally underused. And poor Peter Benson, his character always loses the girl.

Reviewed by jagfannn8 / 10

One Word, Chemistry! Great Job!

I really enjoyed this movie, Kimberley Sustad and Paul Campbell were great together. They didn't throw in a bunch of overplayed conflict to draw out the story, when there is good chemistry between the leads, it's just not needed.

Sustad needs be the female lead in more movies, her and Campbell both are very likeable. Well done!

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird8 / 10

One beautiful wedding

Have always liked Kimberley Sustad, while she is often seen in supporting roles she proved a number of times too that she could do leading roles equally well. Paul Campbell has done his fair share of solid work too. Really liked the concept of 'Wedding Every Weekend', it sounded very charming and didn't seem as formulaic as most Hallmark films. Unlike others seemingly, the inclusion of diversity has never been an issue with me and actually welcome and appreciate it.

'Wedding Every Weekend' turned out to be immensely entertaining and charming, with a huge amount to like and with very little wrong. Not only is it the best of the 2020 Summer Nights Hallmark films (the first half-way good one, didn't like 'Romance in the Air' at all and had mixed feelings on 'Love on Harbor Island'),but it is also one of the best Hallmark films from 2020. As well as the best of the batch up to this point, and one of the small group of 2020 Hallmark films to be above good level.

So much is good. First and foremost, the two leads. Sustad and Campbell are in roles perfect for them and that play to their strengths, roles that they can do in their sleep but they certainly don't look phoned in or bored here. Quite the opposite, with Sustad particularly sparkling. Loved their chemistry too, one of the few spot on chemistries from this year from Hallmark, so natural and genuine as well as playful. Most of the supporting cast are fine too, particularly Brandi Alexander clearly enjoying herself without overplaying (in a role that is easy to do so).

Furthermore, it looks good. Have more often than not raved about the scenery with Hallmark, and it is lovely here and the camera man was clearly in love with it. The music fits well and doesn't feel like too much. The script shines especially in the witty banter between Sustad and Campbell, both of them were clearly relishing their lines together without over-egging. It also doesn't come over as too talky. The direction seemed at ease with the genre and was indicative of someone that knew what they were doing. The story is lively, warm hearted and charming throughout, and personally thought that the diversity was handled tastefully and not forced (don't understand the objections myself).

There is very little wrong here. Peter Benson does look perpetually bewildered in an underwritten role. Geoff Gustafson makes the most of his part but is underused.

Maybe it could have gotten going a little quicker.

Otherwise, this left me entertained, charmed and pleasantly surprised. 8/10.

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