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Crazy Wedding



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AleksandrBelenko6 / 10

Is it really good?

As a Ukrainian I am glad to see that my country finally produces contant in national language and not Russian, though I am primerely a Russian speaker. I think it is vital to create movies and shows in our language otherwise it will die out as Belorussian in Belarus. But the movie itself has mediocre direction, average acting, loads of productplacement and cameos, sole purpose of which to show famous people. I did laugh when I heard a punchline from a comedic duet who cameoed in the movie, but just because it is a famouse joke by them. There was some good jokes in the movie, maybe as there is only one joke in entire film.... Maybe. But I was not bored to watch the movie. Thanks for that. In conclusion, this is a good step to establish Ukrainian cinema but it is far from great.

Reviewed by cherry_town5 / 10

It takes several to revamp Ukraine's cinema

This movie is a comparable success in Ukraine's movie season-2018 by having grossed the major box office and having been able to repay the investment, including to a public purse. Still, it is a boring flop. No twists, no memorable jokes except for the one about the lack of surgeons in the hospital located in the street named after a famous Ukrainian doctor ("no surgeons left in the hospital except for the title of the street we are in"). When a student of a Paris medical school who is not even an intern yet is allowed at the end of the movie to operate on his future farther-in-law who has suffered a heart attack, the film becomes unbearable. It seems one of the reasons behind its domestic success is the striking resemblance between the main character and the current President of Ukraine and some ensuing innuendos. Still, it takes many movies to put Ukraine's cinema back on its feet, and this is precisely one of those, and not the weakest brick.

Reviewed by Vlad_Pasichenko5 / 10

Too much ads and..

.. I didn't smile a single time during whole movie. Not funny. Too much hidden ads and promotions.

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