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My Boss' Wedding



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Drew Seeley Photo
Drew Seeley as Michael
Holly Deveaux Photo
Holly Deveaux as Nicole Waters
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Brigitte Kingsley as Kimberly Price
Alys Crocker Photo
Alys Crocker as Janette
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mamachikn5 / 10

First half was better than the last half.

The movie starts out fine. Nicole is quirky and funny and sarcastic. Matt is a good match and it's enjoyable, though nothing new. Still the same co-wedding planners, promotion, etc, kind of story

When the conflict arises towards the end, I figured out what it was about right away.

I thought that Nicole's behavior wasn't like her. She needed a few days to figure it out?? How about a few minutes?

It ended predictably, and rushed. And I was distracted in the last 20 minutes, first by the horrible hairdo given to Nicole. Weird parting, half-braided, and messy long hair. Parts of her scalp showed.

And second, by her boss's horribly fitted and styled wedding gown. After seeing the pretty gowns earlier in the movie, this was the one chosen?? Side bodice holes and openings were unattractive to the actress with an unusually large bosom. I thought she might fall over at some point.

Poor acting was more noticable at the end.

I don't expect a lot from these movies, but this just wasn't consistent. Weak ending.

I gave it a 5, because of the distractions, lol.

Reviewed by Jackbv1231 / 10


Which is worse? The script of the acting? Or was the bad acting because the director wanted it that way. Everyone seems to be delivering their lines emphatically, but Holly Deveaux is the worst. I've written hundreds of reviews here and I try not to ever say anything was the worst ever, but Deveaux' acting is cringe worthy. Everything is delivered with double exclamation points. And it never really gets better. She's not the only one, but Drew Seeley seems better than most of them in that regard.

The script was bad too. What woman sends her assistant, whom Nicole claims she never notices, to pick a wedding dress? And Nicole tries it on. Does Kim even get it fitted? There is nothing in the movie that shows the engaged couple ever personally checks out anything. There are other things in the script that don't seem right, especially the dialogue.

The crisis is an interesting one. Up to this point the movie has been mostly about wedding planning and Nicole wanting a promotion. The crisis involves a misunderstanding but not of the usual kind in a rom/com. Like another reviewer, I guessed what it was right away.

I will admit, I used the FF button a lot, but I followed the movie all the way through and the dialogue and acting are bad pretty much all the way through.

Reviewed by yldonaldson2 / 10

Totally agree with other review...

...but they forgot the badly fitting suits on the two men for the wedding. The suits looked two sizes too small. Is that the style now?

We felt the story was missing a lot of input from the engaged couple. It was just weird to have wedding planners with no idea what the couple wanted. What bride doesn't pick out her own wedding dress???

Not a great movie and have nothing more to add but the app says I have to use six hundred characters. See what I did there?

Apparently I am over the cookie cutter romance movies on these channels. This did not change my mind. Thirty one characters to go. I hope you find a better movie to watch.

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