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The Wedding Wish


Comedy / Romance

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Kabby Borders as Jenny
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Reviewed by boriskaiser5 / 10


Another day and another Reel One Entertainment TV movie which had a potential to be better because the foundation was good enough. There is no loud background music when cast talk, no poor audio recording, no bad cuts, and was actually filmed in the State of Florida where plot takes place, and not in Hamilton, CA pretending to be random US city. There is only one technical issue - Kabby Borders, the lead, has bad makeup in the most of the movie for some reason. It wasn't terrible like in the some other ROE TV movies, but it was still noticeable. Maybe is a bad light for blame, but other actresses were fine.

I have only one serious issue with the cast and acting and it's related to Alex Trumble. He grined/smiled after most sentences. I mean it's comedy movie first, but it was out of place most of time, because not every scene was funny. I don't blame him - it's director fault. Then I checked director and his past work is average at best.

As I wrote, this movie is comedy first mixed with romance second, I would even say that is somehow the critic of modern idea of marriage wrapped in romantic comedy. It's done pretty well until Act III which was a bit of let down, but the ending was actually good and suprising. I really don't like how Jenny's parents were treated at the end. After some thinking they are clearly crammed in the end by probably somebody in production because not once in the whole movie Jenny mentioned her parents. They just happened out of blue and didn't say a word because saying words would cost money, and so they weren't even listed in the credits. It was so out of place and ruined otherwise this solid movie.

And obligatory, don't watch trailer if you plan to watch the movie as like every other ROE trailer it shows everything!

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